SUDAAN News Releases


SUDAAN New Release 11.0.4

RTI, International is proud to announce the release of SUDAAN 11.0.4. This release introduces quality of life changes and new features, including:

-improvements to labeling of output data sets from the modeling procedures REGRESS, LOGISTIC, MULTILOG, and LOGLINK,

-adds the ability to produce calibrated JACKKNIFE and Balanced Repeated Replicate weights in WTADJUST and WTADJUSTX; and,

-addresses some bugs in the VARGEN and DESCRIPT procedures.

The SAS-callable version of SUDAAN 11.0.4 is also designed to work with the most recent release, 9.4M7, of SAS. For a full listing and description of the improvements and bug fixes introduced with SUDAAN 11.0.4, please read the changes document that may be found here.